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Because life is made for the unique moments. At Las Terrazas de Abama, we want you to build your own unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Live, feel and experience everything that you can during your holiday. Enjoy an extra special break like never before whilst discovering the essence of the Canary Islands.

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Flying Between Volcanos

The National Park of the Teide is one of the world’s most spectacular geological monuments, where the volcanic cones and the lava runs form an extraordinary group of colors and shapes. Now is the time to enjoy the most visited National Park of Europe from another perspective, paragliding and ploughing through the two biggest rock falls of the island and landing on the coast. It is a 2,200 meters fall and flying above the forest belt, a sensation of freedom is guaranteed.

This experience lasts approximately 4 hours. It includes private transportation, a two-seater flight for 40 minutes, photography book and video.

VIP Hike to the Teide

Reach the highest peak in Spain with this hike for you and your partner, family or friends, where you will enjoy panoramic and unique views of the island of Tenerife and the rest of the Canary Islands. We will pick you up at your hotel and a guide will join you along the journey. From the highest stop of the cable car, we will ascend to the summit of the Teide. This hike is limited to a small group of people per day and it is necessary to submit a permit to the National Park of the Teide. Our team will work on the reservations and the paperwork to make sure that our clients enjoy the activity to the fullest.

This experience lasts approximately 5 hours. It includes private transportation, tourist guide, permit submission to reach the peak and the fast pass ticket to the cable car.

Stargazing Experience

The experience features the exclusivity of enjoying an impressive sunset in an enviable spot surrounded by gardens, palm trees and exotic plants in our Las Terrazas Abama Resort Tenerife.

The activity begins with a welcome cocktail in our private garden, specially decorated for the occasion, with views of the ocean and the incredible sunset of the south-western coast of Tenerife. The sun bids farewell caressing the silhouette of the island of La Gomera, with a festival of reds and yellows in the sky. The palm trees of the garden change hue, the volcanic mountains light up, and the moon appears in their midst. A true spectacle while enjoying an exclusive astronomy dinner, but the best is yet to come. The overwhelming immensity of a sky bursting with stars and the night time beauty of the volcanic landscape characteristic of the Canary Islands create a magical and enveloping atmosphere.

With the help of our guide and an astronomy laser pointer, you can start to outline drawings and figures in the sky. The long-range professional telescope and the celestial map will allow you to identify constellations, planets, satellites…as you observe, you have the feeling that they never stop multiplying.

For a moment, time stands still, while you are engrossed in the scene, and then you see a shooting star. You quickly want to make a wish, but nothing occurs to you before the star is lost in the horizon. Don’t worry – it will be just a question of minutes before the next one comes along. Probably, your wish will be to stay here and now for a long time.

This experience takes around 3 hours. It includes an especially decorated space in an exclusive zone of the hotel with sea view, welcome cocktail, astronomy dinner, live music, guide in various languages (English, Spanish, French and Italian) interpreting the sky, astronomy laser pointer, laser drawing workshop, long-range professional telescope.

Volcanic Cave and Winery

During the private visit to the volcanic cave “Cueva del Viento”, you will enjoy its unique geomorphologic characteristics. The structure of the cave is formed by three overlapping levels, a phenomenon that can’t be seen in any other place in the world. In addition, it presents a wide variety of primary structures such as lava stalactites, lava waterfalls, lagoons, and lateral terraces. Inside the cave, you can also nd some fossils of extinguished vertebrate animals like the giant lizard, and some other bones from species that have disappeared in Tenerife. This trial will be always guided by a speleologist who will reveal the secrets of one of the most spectacular volcanic caves in the world.

This experience lasts approximately 7 hours. It includes private transportation, an exclusive visit to the cave, a speleologist guide during the trial and a visit to a winery with a wine tasting and premium lunch.

A Walk within Colonial History and Wines

San Cristobal de la Laguna is the only city in the Canary Islands declared World Heritage by the Unesco. Strategically located between volcanos, the Aguere valley has given protection and natural defense to the town for centuries. It was a natural lagoon, so it has some of the most fertile lands of the islands. This is one of the only towns in Spain considered a non-walled medieval town. Its main streets paved with stone are surrounded by abbeys, churches, palaces and typical canary houses with beautiful inner patios. Discover a universe of culture walking by its historical center.

This experience lasts approximately 7 hours. It includes private transportation, a guided tour around the historical center of La Laguna, visit a winery, wine tasting, and a typical canary premium” lunch.

Between Wines and Wineries

Alma de Trevejos property is located 1,200 meters above sea level at Vila or municipality. Its founder created it as a small refuge of natural life where traditional ways of living and therefore ecological perpetuates, maintaining lands, flora, and fauna. In a natural land with breathtaking views of the sea and the mountains, canary vines are planted in a traditional and ecological way, such as “listán blanco”, “listán prieto” and “negramol” which produce the famous soup with the designation of origin “Abona”.

This experience lasts approximately 5 hours. It includes private transportation, ecologic guide tour, red/white wine tasting, and premium lunch.

Cycling Tour

Enjoy a day of sport and nature while crossing one of the best and most impressive bicycle routes. Our guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the starting point of the route. Before starting the activity, there will be a briefing where the itinerary will be explained and the material to begin the journey will be readied. The action begins! We put on our helmet, hop on our bicycle, start to pedal, feel the fresh air on our face and see how the trees pass us each time a bit faster. You are in the Corona Forestal (Forest Crown), near the National Park of Teide, a unique place in which you will cross the lush pine forest and enjoy a unique volcanic landscape in the world. The bicycle tour lasts approximately three hours with some rest to observe the impressive views and replenish strength. After finishing the tour, our guide will take you back to the hotel.

This experience takes about 5 hours. It includes personalization of the route according to physical conditions, private transport from the hotel to the beginning point of the route, high-end MTB carbon bicycle with suspension, helmet, professional guide during the route and energy drink.

4x4 VIP Tour

A wide journey through the most important places of the island of Tenerife: Masca and its houses, a trip to “La Isla Baja”, the Orotava Valley, and of course, the National Park of Tenerife, declared World Heritage by the Unesco. During the journey, our drivers will show you the singularities of the places you will visit. Enjoy an exclusive environment and live a different experience in our comfortable vehicles with four-wheel drive.

This experience lasts approximately 5 hours. It includes private transportation in a premium vehicle, guide/driver in multiple languages, visit to Masca, Buenavista, Los Silos, Garachico, La Orotava, El Teide y Vilaflor.

Unfurling Sails

We leave the port, set the sails, and explore the impressive south coastline of Tenerife. A special moment to enjoy the sea, the whales, and dolphins, the views to the island of la Gomera and the volcanic sand beaches surrounded by magnificent cliffs of more than 500 drop. All of this aboard this marvelous classic vessel. The sailing vessel was fabricated as a singularity according to the design of the famous Holland shipyard EG Vandestant & Partners V.B. Following the traditions, the boat hull is made of wood. On the inside, the living room, the 4 cabins, and even the kitchen have a classic style.

This experience lasts approximately 5 hours. It includes private transportation to the port, 4 hours journey, crew, drinks, lunch and premium dinner.

Exclusive Waves

Can you imagine enjoying exclusively each wave and create them as you wish? This is possible at Siam Beach, the only private beach in Europe with the world’s biggest artificial waves. This fantastic aquatic park has been declared the best in the world. It is inspired in Thailand’s culture and architecture and it has attractions for every age. You can design your wave session, choosing direction, height (up to a maximum of 3.8 meters) and frequency. Both adults and kids can practice this activity exclusively, enjoying the surf in a unique and privileged place at sunset.

This activity lasts approximately 3 hours. It includes private transportation, wave design, private access to the park for 10 people max, 2 hours session of waves, an official coach of the surf federation, material (surfboard, neoprene, flippers, etc.) and a photo session inside the water with a submergible reflex camera.

Deluxe Flight

The journey starts exploring the coastal villages located in the south of the island. Next, you will continue to the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where you will enjoy the magnificent piece of art “Tenerife Auditorium”, created by the architect Santiago Calatrava Valls. The National Park of Tenerife is the most visited in Europe, where you will admire the impressive beauty of the Teide. We will fly above the north coast of the island where you will see the touristic area of El Puerto de la Cruz, the wine valleys of La Orotava, Garachico village, the slopes of Masca with their breathtaking ravines and lost towns. To finish the journey, we will observe the spectacular cliffs of Los Gigantes and the main touristic area from the south of the island. Very few people, including locals, have had the chance to know the volcanic island as we offer with this experience. Enjoy a glass of champagne after landing at the international airport.

This experience lasts approximately 2 hours, It includes VIP transportation, a 45 minutes private flight and a glass of champagne.

Ferrari Tour

Would you like to live an experience driving a Ferrari enjoying the most breathtaking scenery around the island? Feel for 24 hours the sensations that transmits our exclusive Ferrari F430 Spider and enjoy the feelings and the emotion of driving a sports car with high performance and technology competition. All this combined with unique landscapes full of vegetation, national parks, and volcanic sand beaches. Goes through the Teide National Park and enjoy the best unique lunar landscape in the world.

This experience includes Ferrari F430 Spider during 24 hours, delivery to your hotel, GoPro and edited video.

Le Boutique

Come and go shopping with us! We will join and assess you personally on the last trends in fashion for men and women. Our personal shoppers are experts, and they will help you to find the shops that fit best to you. You will discover that going shopping can be a fun and unique experience. It starts with a coffee break to get to know you and your preferences so we can design the itinerary. Once we have organized our shopping tour we will start the visit with a driver that will pick us up at your door. We will then go to the most exclusives areas such as the golden mile of Las Americas, the exclusive street of El Pilar in the capital of the island and some Malls like Plaza del Duque.

This experience last approximately 4 hours. It includes private transportation, design of the route and a 4 hours shopping tour.

Romantic Sunset

The very pleasant moment on a day will be sunset, a magic hour to contemplate the sea where the natural forces get the highest balanced. Romanticism, exclusivity, passion… a sensation mixed to exclude yourself from the daily routine with your couple and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience. The captain will go towards to the horizon, you will deal with a boat trip sail and live music combined with a glass of champagne and the movement of the sails and the inspiring sea breeze among the most spectacular of the Island. Would you want to know how to ride a 20 meters sailboat? Do you feel enough brave to have a swim over a volcano beach? or maybe, just enjoy through the pleasure of ‘’dolce far niente’’ on the top of the boat deck? We want you to make your wishes while enjoying this romantic experience.

This experience lasts approximately 3 hours. It includes private transportation to the port, 2 hours journey, crew, snacks, drinks, and live music.

Seeking the Blue Marlin Fish

Everything stays calm until the fishing reel starts to roll. At this moment everything changes, the adrenaline substitutes the calm, the cable tenses, you need to be stronger and your pulse accelerates until one of you falters. When you finish you can feel that all the work is worth it. You haven’t rest when you start thinking about the next fish. The characteristics of the island, make trolling the main method of fishing. We search for tunas, dorados, wahoo and the great marling sh. We also have available bottom shing with light equipment. We have magnificent latest generation electric reels.

This experience lasts approximately 5 hours. It includes private transportation to Las Galletas port, 4 hours journey, crew, fishing equipment, drinks, and snacks.

Golden Voyage

Enjoy your day aboard the Sunseeker Porto no 53. This is one of the best rental ships on the island of Tenerife. It has 3 double cabins including all the necessary commodities to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. Each cabin has its shower and restroom. Perfect for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, business meetings or enjoying one of our volcanic sand beaches with the family. You can also observe the cetaceans surrounding the area and dive among turtles, typical on the coast of Tenerife.

This experience lasts approximately 5 hours. It includes private transportation, crew, a 4 hours journey, drinks, and a premium lunch.

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