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Abama Hotels Abama Resort Tenerife on display in a book showcasing its architecture in Tenerife.

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Abama Resort Tenerife on display in a book showcasing its architecture


Abama Architecture & Lifestyle includes almost 200 images on the exclusive residential offerings of this Guía de Isora destination, featuring sustainable design and materials that highlight the island's natural beauty.

Abama Luxury Residences presents Abama Architecture & Lifestyle, a book showcasing photographs of its exclusive residential offerings, characterized by the connection between space and nature, where open spaces and the outdoors are equally as prominent as the residences. The top quality, sustainable, local materials stand out, having been chosen to convey an immediate sensation of welcoming and wellbeing to guests.

The publication includes images of the stunning work of seven architecture and interior design studios, which conceived their designs based on admiration for the island, inspired by the enchanting setting in which the stars are the Atlantic Ocean and native vegetation. This publication will appeal to professionals and lovers of contemporary architecture, as well as those interested in seeing how a construction model can care for and contribute value to the space in which it is located, forming an integral part of the surroundings. ‘This model has enabled us to help position Tenerife and the Canary Islands as a benchmark for luxury in Europe,’ writes Ignacio Polanco – chairman of Tropical Hoteles, which heads the group of different business divisions (tourist and residential, sport and hotel) operating at Abama Resort Tenerife – in the book’s preface.

During the presentation, which took place last weekend at Las Terrazas de Abama Suites, Borja Pérez Arauna, Tropical Hoteles director and representative of the property, offered thanks for the support by municipal and island institutions in developing the destination over the years. He underlined ‘how in 1994, the project's developers chose Tenerife and Guía de Isora to develop what is today Abama Resort Tenerife, with the aim of fulfilling the dream of creating a unique destination with a long-term strategy’.

‘That was the year they purchased the first pieces of land, properties with banana trees. And in subsequent years, the space was established with the purchase of more land,’ he added. While the permits were being obtained, the banana trees were even exploited, until the architectural and urban design plans emerged. These were initially prepared by Melvin Villarroel, later involving many other architects. But they always conveyed a respect for the concept, harmony and lifestyle envisioned for Abama.

‘I would like to particularly highlight the role of Melvin and Jesús Polanco, who had the vision and provided the tools to make this dream a reality, building and creating without any return on investment for many years,’ he emphasized.

Guía de Isora’s mayor, Josefa Mesa, added that ‘Abama Resort Tenerife is the fruit of the combined effort of countless people, from investors to travellers, owners, professionals and architects who have worked in this space to make Abama the island within the island of Tenerife it is today. A space that has grown to become a small oasis that transports you beyond the archipelago and has put our municipality on the world map. Achieving this distinctive, innovative and sustainable model is a source of great pride for our town and the Canary Islands as a whole. We are fully committed, and our institutions will provide technical and professional support as the destination grows. This brings prestige to us both, as it is the tourism model we advocate for Guía de Isora,’ she specified.

‘This unbreakable link between architecture and island is the primary goal of an undertaking that is worthy of being laid out in a photography book,’ added Elodie Casolà, director of communications and marketing for the Arum Group.

Francesc Pujol, director of real estate for the Arum Group, developer of Abama's residential division, explained that ‘from the start, our aim was to take full advantage of the light, create open spaces, large terraces, with an architectural quality in harmony with the needs of investors and guests.’

The photographs are by London photographer Marc Goodwin, a highly regarded professional specializing in portraying architectural spaces. The book includes almost 200 images, most of them full page, coordinated and edited by Cristina Hernández Johansson. Raúl García was responsible for the print graphic design.

Abama Architecture & Lifestyle is available for purchase at the Abama Golf and Las Terrazas de Abama Suites shops. It is priced at €40, of which €10 is allocated to social projects. The book will soon be on sale at other establishments on the island.

It includes the work of the following architecture and design studios, which have headed the different residential developments at Abama:

• Virgilio Gutiérrez Herreros y Eustaquio Martínez: Bellevue / Las Villas del Tenis / La Plaza
• Coderch Urbanismo y Arquitectura: Las Terrazas de Abama Suites / Los Jardines de Abama Suites
• Corona-Amaral Arquitectura: Las Atalayas de Abama
• Leonardo Omar Arquitectos: Custom Villa 1 / Custom Villa 2
• EVMred Arquitectos: Custom Villa 1 / Custom Villa 2
• Andrés Mazuelas: Custom Villa 1
• Rita Rosés Interior Design: Abama Hotels interiorism
• Alejandro Escudero: La Plaza interior design.

Abama Resort Tenerife covers 160 hectares, with a buildable area of 232,000 square meters, occupied by a combination of tourist, residential and retail facilities. Residential owners and travellers staying at the destination have access to all resort offerings, including golf courses, tennis courts, kids’ camp, Michelin-starred restaurants, and numerous organized activities taking place periodically at the resort.

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